Preparation surgery

Surgery related procedures

If you are undergoing a surgery at KMC, take the following into consideration:


Before the operation

         Your doctor may ask for routine regular tests several days before the surgery.

         Please inform your doctor if you catch cold or have fever in the day before admission.


Operation day Dos and Don'ts

         Don't Shave the area of the surgery.

         Take a shower before coming to the hospital.

         Remove any make-up, hair pins, wigs, nail polish, jewelry and contact lenses.

         Dress loose and comfortable clothing.

         Be aware that dentures may be removed shortly before the surgery.

         Do not eat, drink, or smoke at least 6 hours prior to your operation (Preferably starting the midnight before the operation).


After the operation

         Avoid driving or using public transportation without company during the 24 hours following anesthesia.

         Make sure that the team gave you a follow up appointment with your Surgeon

         Contact your doctor or the emergency department for any possible problems and consequences after the operation.

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