State of the art surgery was performed for the first time at Keserwan Medical Center

 At the beginning of this year, an advanced state of the art surgery was performed at KMC. This was on the second of January 2016.

 Dr. Bassem El Hassan from the Mayo Clinic and Dr Charbel Moussallem performed a major revision surgery for a failed resection of a malignant bony tumor of the right humerus previously reconstructed by mega prosthesis. This young male engineer had already lost most of his shoulder function following this procedure. He had no internal or external rotation and no shoulder elevation. To make things more complicated this was his dominant hand where his left side was already affected by polio.

Drs El Hassan and Moussallem had resected the old mega-prosthesis and revised it with a revision reverse shoulder replacement with several vascularized muscle transfers to reconstruct his failed shoulder muscles. Bony defects were replaced by a total femur allograft as well as autologous rib grafting and plate reconstruction.

This type of complicated reconstructive shoulder surgery is among the first procedures performed in this field.

The patient is now more than a month following this procedure is doing perfectly fine without any complications.

The OR team at KMC showed a very high level of dedication as well as professionalism and efficiency during that long day where a total of 6 major and state of the art cases were performed.


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